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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lil!

Cheers to living in our 30s together, Lil! You're a super aunt to my wee babes and amazing friend!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Irish fest

We drank cider, meandered through highland themed booths, and danced to the High Kings. Best night ever.

Cataract Falls is a hit

We had so much fun kayaking with Cheyenne and Jordan, we decided to take the girls and the canoe. It was wonderful. They loved paddling past the waterfall and looking for fish.

Daddy is 31

Happy birthday to the most wonderful man I know. I'm so glad we've had so many wonderful years together, full of fun, excitement and love.

Science day

Girl Scouts is an amazing way for girls to make friends, learn a lot, and live life in an fantastic way. Science night was super fun and hands on educational. One of our best decisions all year!

Bite to the Face

A terrible thing happened on a night that was just supposed to be a fun time. I was out shopping with chey for banquet dresses when Dan calls to say Aiden took a bite to the face from Mulder, a dog whom she loves and adores and is family. Many, many stitches, meds, tears, and a fainting spell from me later, she is healing and moving on ten times easier than any of the adults. God made her kind, forgiving, and resilient. Perfect in my eyes.


The solar eclipse was a great experience. Of course it was cloudy (kind of glad since I had no idea how I was going to get kindergarteners to not look at the sun) but the kids were so excited, especially Aiden! We made sillouhettes and wore hats. Good fun!