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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Liberty day

When it comes to parties, I like ours the best. Pitch-in, swimming, games, lounging, and pyro-mania. It's a blast!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Life by the campfire

This treehouse is probably the most amazing structure ever.

Aiden has been learning to roast her own marshmallows this summer.

She's getting better 

Annie resting from chasing chickens 

And charming her grampy

9 years ago

Nine years ago, Dan and I had a beautiful, crazy stressful day followed by an over planned honeymoon. 

9 years later, we are still happily married.  I'm pretty sure we are a match made in heaven :)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Indianapolis children's museum

A day at the children's museum is always a day well spent! 
This was Annie's first visit. So it was especially fun!

Starting out at the giant statue of bumblebee, the girls were already entranced.

And dinosaur fossils!

The circus was in town!

And there was a time warp that combined every decade from the last century.

We had a pretty good time, I guess.

Commendation and celebration

Being a teacher, I know how hard it can be to work with children. It's tiring and frustrating and amazingly rewarding. Being someone who works with kids takes selflessness and compassion. Doing a great job at it takes kindness, commitment, and the grace of God. To Aidens coaches: thank you for being patient when she was terrified of the ball, encouraging when she wanted to try something new, and being tough on her when she needed to grow. Thank you!

Summer days

Sometimes the best part of summer is having fun at home with people you love best :)

Aiden has gotten so brave this year! She loves the water. Annie doesn't care for the sprinkler but pools are okay.

Kids should be a mess all summer!

Making unicorn ice cream. *best we've ever made*

Annie loves grammy's sunglasses 😎 

Made ladybug rocks for Mother's Day and loved them so much we hand to make plenty more for the girl's play garden

Aiden is a great big sister. She took it upon herself to teach Annie how to go down the slide. Annie does not like that slide.

Fun isn't just for kids!

Cataract Falls

Summer is so wonderful. Spending time with my girls is the best. Here's to many more wonderful days!